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Minion wallpaper

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Minion wallpaper

Minions (/ˈmɪnjənz/) are yellow creatures that appear in the Despicable Me franchise, which started with Despicable Me (2010), and are characterized by their childlike behavior and unique language, which is almost intelligible at times. They are also the official mascots of Illumination, a division of Universal Pictures, which produces the films. Following Comcast’s purchase of NBCUniversal, they have been described as being a corporate icon for Universal and Comcast, on par with Disney’s Mickey Mouse and WarnerMedia’s Bugs Bunny,[1] although Woody Woodpecker is still considered a mascot for Universal Studios.

Kevin, Stuart and Bob are three of the most familiar minions, who appear as stars in the film Minions. Many other Minions are mentioned by name in the films and other media in the franchise. They also made a cameo appearance in the series finale of Series 15 of Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

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