Miku Nakano Wallpaper

Miku Nakano Wallpaper 1

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Miku Nakano Wallpaper

Miku Nakano wallpaper (Nakano Miku?) is the third sister of the Miku Nakano Wallpaper Quintuplets, and one of the main characters of the 5-toubun no Hanayome series. She has a timid personality.

Miku Nakano wallpaper is an emotionless looking girl with medium-length brown hair that has strands of hair hanging over the right side of her face . Her notable accessory is a set of wireless headphones that have a triangle-shaped logo on the ear cups (miku nakano figurine). Like her sisters, she has dark blue eyes, an average height, a well-endowed figure …

Miku Nakano Wallpapers


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